G’day Los Angeles

There’s something wonderful about long overseas flights. 14 hours, in a sitting position, in a box in the sky, at freezing temperature, alone with your thoughts. Fantastic. A place where the less you do the more people like you. Almost like taking a day off work, except someone is there to feed you (vegetarian options always the best).

That’s 14 hours where you are expected to find a way to pass to the time. For me it’s easy, 14 hours of music. For Charlie it’s 14 hours of sleep, getting puffy ankles and feet. Hot tip, if this happens to you don’t take your shoes off.

Screaming babies? They have noise cancelling headphones for that. Sore neck? Ask your husband to max out his credit card on the worlds most expensive memory foam neck brace and then sleep on the pillow provided by the airline. Feel disconnected from your fellow humans? Try 18 seconds of introductory small talk before realising it’s just not for you.

Boarding to Cancun, Caio for now.

A shout out to my girls for being the absolute best ❤

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