The travel backpack

There’s a certain happiness that can only come from a travel backpack. Decades of philosophical & psychological research has gone into both human happiness & organisation. Did no one ever consider that a backpack with room for a laptop, charger, books, documents, wallet, sunscreen and headphones would help figure out the answer to both these thing? Heck, these things can even hold up to 3 pens!

BeFunky Collage

Whose telling the kids! The kids need to know that the key to happiness is an organised backpack. Have a look at all the successful people from the past. what do they all have in common? Briefcases.


Look at these savvy men, you think it was affairs with secretaries and cigars in the office that made these guys make it? No ma’am, no sir. It’s all because of what they are carrying around. The bag.

Success is coming our way.


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