Hej Hej!

Today we’ve spent the day organising a few last things before our departure. I hate shopping. So the struggle was real after another 5 hours at the DFO today.


Got myself a visor.

There’s plenty of opportunity to shop in Mexico but that didn’t stop me explaining to Teddy when he tried to talk me out of buying a bikini because “I can easily buy one over there” that there will be no running around shopping on week 1. Instead it will be to the beach with a cocktail in my hand at ALL times. And THEN after that first week I can start to properly think about all the other little things; like what to wear, where to go and who to see. Sounds reasonable. 

Oh and also, today we took the big step in to the proper blog world and bought us a GoPro. Lots of thinking and lots of money later, we arrived home with this little baby.


I can’t wait to use it. Underwater pictures is surely everyone’s favourite.

Teddy was so exhausted after our shopping day so he’s off having a nap, I might go and wake him before I get to bored.

Ps. Here is a photo of my bum. I’m in love with my shorts.


Puss & Kram!

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