Our plan?

Our plan

Everyone keeps asking what our plan is. The answer is: We have a plan like Van Gogh had ears… Sort of, but not really. ‘Yea yea yea, how original, a couple of backpackers without a plan’.

We currently know what we will be doing for the first 8 days (This includes Mexico, palm trees, Tequila and our friends Frida and Kevin!!!) We are spending 4 days in Tulum and 4 days on the paradise Island Isla Holbox. We know places we wanna go and things we would like to do; how when and where is up for discussion.

Our plan is also to try not to lose the 12 weeks of boxercise that felt like hell at 6 Am in the morning. 12 weeks! All I can say is good luck to us.

The rest of our plan is full of vague goals. Things like ‘stay alive’, ‘have fun’ & ‘make our money last as long as we can’.

If anyone out there has something a little bit more solid to suggest, write it down in that little comment box

PLan list

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